The Clemens Lab @ East Carolina University

Investigating the role of Dopamine in the spinal cord


Research interests in a nutshell:


East Carolina University

Brody School of Medicine
Department of Physiology
600 Moye Blvd                  
Greenville, NC 27834                         

office: (+1) 252-744-2920

lab: (+1) 252-744-5136
fax: (+1) 252-744-3460

Stefan Clemens, PhD, MS Professor and Graduate Director

Questions addressed:                                             

- Sensory-motor function (reflexes)

- Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

- Autonomic function (hypertension)

- Chronic pain

- Interactions with morphine (tolerance)

- aging-related changes in function

Techniques used:                                             

- Electrophysiology & pharmacology in the isolated spinal cord in vitro

- Genetically modified mice (D3KO, MEIS1, BTBD9)

- Immunohistochemistry

- Behavior in vivo

Spinal cord - neuromodulation - dopamine -

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) - pain